Clarendon Primary School

Bushfire Action Plan

Clarendon Primary School is in an R2 Bushfire Zone - part of the Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District. The school has an annually updated Emergency Management Plan (611KB PDF) or upon request from the front office.

We also host an annual visit from the Clarendon CFS, who talk to the children and staff about Bushfire safety and arson prevention.

If you are living in the Clarendon District, it is also vital that you have your own Bushfire Action Plan so you know what you should do in the event of a bushfire.

Please note that the school is closed on days of Catastrophic Fire Danger, as forecast for the Mount Lofty Ranges fire ban district, the day prior before 4pm on the CFS website or BOM website. Parents will be informed using our SMS text system of any bushfire related closures or emergencies.

Useful Websites to check during bushfire season include:

You may also wish to contact DECD for information about Bushfires:

Parent Bushfire Information Hotline
Hotline: 1800 000 279